A Royal Problem - MG Traveller


This was not a typical day for former officer Xochique 142A6k. He finally tracked down Dr. Havrahn Jhelaa and convinced him that giving himself up to the authorities would actually keep him alive and working and not behind Durasteel and concrete. Dr. Jhelaa had been on the run from creating a genetic cure gone awry on his home world. It killed far more efficiently than the disease ever did in the trial phase and he barely escaped with his life. Xochique left leg cybernetic implant ached numbingly as he and Jahelaa traveled to the High Port on Arkiirkii in Solomani space with a promise of payment for the successful recovery of a Noble son. He just had to meet the contact at the Commercial sitting area. He kept Jhelaa tightly gripped and watched a large crowd descend on some poor sod headed to the Fresher across the way.

Steve “The Shadow” Silvers needed a new contact. He had exhausted his last lead in the Arkiirkii Merchants Guild for moving and selling 6 crates of military grade polymers with no questions asked. The Guild was able, but the move wasn’t as profitable as he had liked. “You need credits to make credits”, whispered his inner monologue. These credits would only last so long though. Sitting in a Bar of the Arkiirkii High Port he saw his chance. A large crowd was following some sort of celebrity around. Steve flipped the Bartender some credits covering the cost of a drink and a decent tip. “This Mark is gonna make me some credits.” thought Shadow while smoothing down wrinkles on his synthetic sharkskin suit left and then right arms, watching the crowd force the celebrity to duck in a Fresher.

Zerk was up to his eyebrows in fans and hangers on in the Arkiirkii High Port. He had successfully beat Tony Eagle in the Solomani Hoverboard championships for the 10th time and kept hold of the Title for another year. This time he manuvered his board too close to Eagle and with a slight nudge of his Hoverboard Nose to Eagles Hoverboard tail sent Eagle flying into the barriers. Eagle complained to the judges but to no avail. Zerk didn’t touch Eagle and the move was legal. Eagle swore vengeance and retaliation on Zerk. Zerk didn’t care. He had 20k on his credit chip in his chest pocket and the confident smirk of a Athlete and Hero as he signed Authographs and took Holos with his fans. However, this was an hour ago. At this moment he sat in a fresher stall in the High Port as fans continued to circle waiting for him to emerge.


Location: Arkiirkii High Port.

Xochique mangaged to contact her Royal Highness Lyndon Devers and get a data tape with a command to find and retrieve her brother Lyon Devers. Lyon is though to be held prisoner on the Gadden research facility by the rival and more powerful Duvall Royal House. He arranges High Passage on a Commercial liner heading to Phireene with the intent to hire more hands to recapture Prince Lydon. Princess Lyndon is drugged and carried away by an unknown security detail, assumed to be from the Duvall House.

Location: Commercial Liner Brentell Starr

Xochique hires several passengers to aid him. Zerk, Galactic Hoverboard Champion 10 times running.; Steve “The Shadow” Silvers, a respectable business man in need of connections and credits.; Henry Cobb, a former Marine with Rosie the Laser Rifle always at his side.; Boyd the Boatswain, a very capable Ships man.; and Dr. Jhaelaa wanted fugitive. Credits and adventure are the lure. The group lands on Phireene High Port without incident and books cryo Cargo passage on a mining boat to Gadden.
Location: Gadden Research Station

Disaster! The mining boat, post jump, collides with the Gadden Station. The group awakens to find Dr. Jhaelaa missing and boards the station via zipline Vaccsuit Spacewalk to find him and Prince Lyon, There is more security here than expected but the group manages to find Lyon without incident. Breaking Lyon free they trigger a silent alarm and security is immediately dispatched to apprehend them. Prince Lyon manages to kill a number of security personnel with a grenade and the group hijack a mining boat to Azure.

Location: Azure Starport

The group searches the mining vessel and finds 2 interesting containers. They leave the ship behind take the containers and book commercial High Passage to Phireene with Lyon under their safe keeping.

Location: Jump Space aboard the Tabula Sonn

Mid Jump the liner is interdicted by Pirates. The group assists ship security in repelling the Pirates and commandeers the Far Trader the Pirates used. In the Far Trader they find 3 living souls in the Cryoberths. They open both Gadden crates to find some sort of payment to a Sgt. Adria Duvaal. The group escorts the Tabula Sonn to Phireene and contacts the Dever Royal House with the aid of Lyon. Afraid of possible Royal complications with House Duvaal, the group arranges the meet in the Syzygy System.

Location: Space in the Syzygy System.

Royal House Devers send the Royal Yacht to pick up Lyon. Royal Aide Tyran Gers gives the group a Marque of Writ that they are working with House Devers. The group must now find Princess Lyndon as their final task and hopefully avoid Interstellar War between Houses Devers and Duvaal.

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